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Proof Reading


Nothing is more important, if you are communicating through print, than that your message comes across crystal-clear and error-free. If you are using advertising or print promotions; doing presentations which involve print materials; using corporate manuals or brochures within your business; sending out leaflets or email newsletters -- you want your communication to be as professional as possible.

Proof Perfect Editorial Services specialises in proofreading. Proofreading is much more than simply correcting grammatical errors, although naturally we offer that as part of our service package.

Proof Perfect can provide you with:

  • A fresh eye on your promotional materials to make them more persuasive and well-constructed, as well as ensuring spelling and grammar is to the highest standard.
  • An estimated cost ahead of time, depending on document length and complexity.
  • A detailed editorial analysis of papers, dissertations and theses, publications, typescripts, galley proofs, camera-ready copy and other documents.

The following is a list of some of the document types that we can proof for you:


Web: Proofreading to revitalise your website's professional image (for more information please go to the Web Editing tab above)

Stationery: Letterheads; With Compliments Slips; Notepads; Business Cards; Printed Envelopes; Folders; Fax Cover Sheets

Marketing and Advertising: Advertising Copy; Newspaper Material; Press releases; Flyers; Websites; Magazines; TV and Radio scripts; Direct Marketing

Internal Management: Contracts; Accounting Forms; Requisition Forms; Form Letters; How-to Manuals; Legal Disclaimers; Telephone Message Slips; Booking Lists; Personnel records

Sales: Invoices; Receipts; Purchase Orders

Author documents: Stories, novels, scripts, speeches, lectures, cover letters


What will it cost?

The rate depends on the length of the job, but is usually in the $50-$60 per hour range. As an example, an average 2000-word document takes around one hour to assess and correct.


What are you waiting for?

Call Proof Perfect today and speak to Leigh about your proofreading requirements.

Ph: (02) 4226.2692

(If you use Skype, you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using his Skype name leigh.blackmore)


Copy Editing


What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

A proofread will correct the nuts and bolts of the writing - chiefly grammar and punctuation - so that the manuscript is completely readable and clear in meaning.

Copyediting is in some ways similar to proofreading but it is a more advanced and detailed form of proofreading. A copy edit will improve the text by having some sentences rewritten, some possible ideas and additions suggested, and some corrections of errors (with commas, for instance). It should alert the author to any issues that arise regarding content, structure, expression, etc.



Manuscript Appraisal


Are you a budding or emerging writer? If so, you want your written work, whether it is a first-time short story or novel, or a nonfiction work, to be as professionally presented as possible. We can assist you to prepare your manuscript for submission to potential publishers.

You want your story to communicate clearly, to be not only error-free but for all aspects of your writing to be hitting the mark. A manuscript appraisal from Proof Perfect can help you take your work to its full potential.

Our appraisals are done personally by Leigh Blackmore, who brings to bear his own extensive experience with publishing (Leigh is a widely published poet, critic, short story writer and editor, passionate about good storytelling). Leigh is also highly experienced in working with a wide range of authors, from the novice writer to the more experienced professional.

The appraisal on your novel or nonfiction work will consist of a full structural report (usually 5000-6000 words) commenting on all aspects of your work in progress.

The report includes appraisal of:

  • Formatting
  • Plot & Plot Logic
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Characterisation
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Author bio & Market Position Statement

In a highly competitive market, you have to make publishers pay attention. Submitting your manuscript for appraisal by Proof Perfect gives you, the author, the edge in the complex arena of modern publishing.

What will it cost?

Leigh's rates depend on the length of the job, but are in the $50-$60 per hour range. This cost includes a word-by-word reading of the typescript, preparation of detailed notes on the above aspects of the work, and typing of the complete appraisal for your reference.

As an example, a novel will usually run approx 80,000 to 100,000 words, sometimes more. Close reading requires a number of hours to complete, with the appraisal report taking about as long to prepare. A full appraisal on a 100,000 word novel will usually cost in the region of $600.

Rates for special projects are negotiable. (For instance, Leigh will provide you a free quotation for longer works, works including diagrams and endnotes, and so on).

What are the benefits?

There are many skills involved in writing, not least of which is blending the ingredients together to best advantage and keeping the reader turning those pages. By making your manuscript the best it can be prior to submitting to a potential publisher, you are greatly increasing the chances of your work seeing print.

Proof Perfect's manuscript appraisals are highly regarded both by authors for whom we have worked, and by the industry, as you can see by reading some of our Testimonials.


What are you waiting for?

Call Proof Perfect today and to speak to Leigh about appraising your written work.

Ph: (02) 4226. 2692.

(If you use Skype, you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using his Skype name leigh.blackmore)

Better Writing Seminars


Leigh Blackmore is a highly experienced and widely published writer. His fiction and poetry has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, and his literary criticism has appeared in numerous critical journals. Leigh has also edited and published a variety of magazines, including Terror Australis, Mythopeoia and Midnight Echo.

Leigh offers seminars on how to write better. He has lectured on writing at various venues in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra including the University of Wollongong's Faculty of Creative Arts.

His seminars on writing are experiential, cover various fundamentals of writing technique, and can run as short as an hour or as long as a day, according to need.

Leigh's inspirational writing seminars can be targetted to inform fellow writers regarding the best ways to get published, and the various platforms available to writers in the 21st century (from traditional paper books to e-book platforms and print on demand).

What are you waiting for?

Call Proof Perfect today and book Leigh to speak to your library book group, Writers Centre function, literary event, or writing class.

Ph: (02) 4226. 2692

(If you use Skype, you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using his Skype name leigh.blackmore).



Web Editing



Do you have a personal or business website? Are you confident that it represents a fully professional image for yourself or your business? Is the language clear, direct and easy to understand? Will browsers on the site be enticed further into the site by the way language is used there?

Proof Perfect Editorial Services specialises in upgrading and improving website written communication, offering a range of services ranging from simple landing-page proofreading to fully in-depth page-by-page analysis, correction and improvement.

Web editing can drive visitors and sales to your web portal that you never dreamed existed.

What are you waiting for?

Call Proof Perfect today and get a quote from Leigh on your website proofreading/copyediting job.

Ph: (02) 4226 2692

(If you use Skype, you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using Leigh's Skype name leigh.blackmore)




Written English Coaching


If you need help with improving your written English, Leigh Blackmore can assist you.

Are you a student struggling with English as a second language, or simply wanting to improve your academic writing in order to get better grades?

Proof Perfect Editorial Services offers a range of services that can help. Leigh Blackmore can work with you in your own home (in the Illawarra region) to coach your written English performance; or you can choose to visit Leigh for tutoring at Proof Perfect's premises.

Leigh Blackmore holds a Certificate for Self-Employed People in Child-Related Employment. All work conducted for students under 18 years of age is fully safe for the students involved due to Leigh's accreditation.

Proof Perfect can assist students with written English at the primary school, high school and tertiary levels.


What are you waiting for?

Call Proof Perfect today and speak to Leigh about your needs for better written communication. He will be only too happy to address your particular needs.

Ph: (02) 4226 2692.

(If you use Skype, you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using his Skype name leigh.blackmore)


Social Media


These days, if you are not on at least Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In, and now Google+, you are missing out on potential sales. Full utilisation of Social Media sites such as these can boost your Google ranking and your internet visibility, leading to increased sales and business contacts for your business.

No matter whether you are an individual with a home based business (from being a writer, to running a lawn-mowing service) or a large corporation, your business can benefit from Social Media crosslinking and integration of all your online presences.

Leigh Blackmore of Proof Perfect is expert in leveraging the power of Social media sites.

Do you have a band? Contact Leigh about getting your music onto ReverbNation, Bandcamp, Facebook and Rock Motel.

Leigh will advise you on the most appropriate presences and linkages for your particular business, and assist you to implement cross-linking, driving more views and potential sales to your sites. From Digg to Delicious, from Bebo to Referral Key, there are many useful Social Media services which, if implemented, can position your business for greater success.

Additional services Leigh can assist you with include file-sharing services such as Dropbox and YouSend It, and email newsletter marketing avenues such as MailChimp, Toddle and others.

Take advantage of the full range of options open to you in the digital age. Let Leigh work with you to set up and crosslink your Social Media across the internet.

What are you waiting for?

Call Leigh Blackmore on (02) 4226 2692 to discuss how Proof Perfect Editorial Services can implement and integrate your Social Media marketing of yourself and your brand!

(If you use Skype you can contact Leigh via voice or video call using his Skype name leigh.blackmore)