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  • Proof Perfect Editorial Services

    Professional and accurate services for all forms of written material.

  • Proof Reading

    Ensure your spelling and grammar are correct throughout your essay, thesis, assignment, flyer, in-house document,  or full-length manuscript.

  • Manuscript Assessment

    Have your manuscript professionally assessed, with a full report on everything from Plot and Characters to Struture, Dialogue and Marketability.

  • Copy Editing

    Have your written work checked for logical flow and best possible  expression. The next level up from simple proofreading.

  • "Better Writing" Seminars

    Written English Coaching

    Web Editing

    and more...


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Leigh Blackmore

Proof Perfect Editorial Services is a recognised name in the Illawarra Business Community and has been a finalist in the Illawarra Local Business Awards (2011). 

Proof Perfect Editorial provides a wide range of services to suit anyone working with the printed word, from the individual author requiring assessment for their first novel,  to the corporate client requiring web proofing and SEO writing to drive sales and improve rankings.

Leigh Blackmore brings his 30 years+ experience in editing, publishing and writing to help make your writing, print materials or website communicate as clearly as possible, improving your professional image.

Leigh is also a specialist in Social Media Integration and can assist you with utilising Social Media to improve your web presence and sales.



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