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As I get closer to the end of my Bachelor of Arts I realised that while my writing and ideas are sound they may not necessarily be presented optimally. Having Leigh available at short notice to proof my work has allowed me to 'see' my work better as it's infinitely harder to view one's work objectively when one is so close to it. With the many years of experience behind Leigh, it gives me great confidence that I can 'turn' out sharper and cleaner prose than ever.

- Meredith Starke, student
Date of Posting: 03 July 2011
Posted By: University Student
"After finishing what I had foolishly hoped was the final draft of my novel, I made the very wise decision to have Leigh Blackmore complete a manuscript assessment. Not only did he make clear how much I still needed to do, his comments and insight into the work helped shape it into what is now a published novel.

Without Leigh's assessment, I would have never seen what was not working. Without Leigh's assessment, I would never have had the courage to take what was good, and start again."

Note from Proof Perfect: T.B. McKenzie's fantasy novel THE DRAGON AND THE CROW (Book 1 of MAGICKLESS) was successfully published by Dragonfall Press.

Date of Posting: 19 May 2011
Posted By: T.B. McKenzie
Author , Western Australia
I feel privileged to have received such a generous report, though perhaps it shouldn't be something I should be too ecstatic over of course as there is so much that needs addressing. But as I chip away cautiously, building what I believe is a story worth pursuing; I can see this report will guide me in the right direction. Please convey my thanks to the assessor, therefore, for an extremely constructive report. His ability to see things I really should be seeing myself by now…just reinforces what a long way I have to go yet...

Anyway, you'll certainly be hearing from me again at some stage, as my understanding of novel writing gains more out of assessments than from any course I've been to at the NSW Writers' Centre. Thank you once again.
Date of Posting: 15 March 2010
Posted By: Anon
Author, Weatherman,
“I’d like to thank the assessor for a comprehensive and professional assessment. I knew there was a problem with the manuscript but, given I have no formal literary training, I could not put my finger on it. I think the assessor has ‘hit the nail on the head’ describing the major deficiency in characterisation. I also appreciate the other issues that were commented upon.”
Date of Posting: 11 December 2009
Posted By: Anon
Author, Twin,
“I would just like to thank you and my assessor for the extremely positive assessment of my manuscript, Sol Incursion. It could not have come at a better time. I'm not one for longwinded speeches (perhaps slightly ironic for a potential novelist) so I'll simply say thank you.

Date of Posting: 15 February 2008
Posted By: Anon
Author, Sol Incursion
“I am most grateful for the appraisal, and find it of great assistance… I am in sympathy with the suggestions made, and feel able to address all of the points raised in the appraisal with benefit. Indeed, I have commenced working on the revision already. I would be grateful if you would convey to your assessor my appreciation for the thoroughness of the appraisal and the detail in the report.

I must say that, having read the MS over many times, I am still astonished to find such errors in the text as typos and repetition of words.

Most importantly, I recognise that the MS would be strengthened by adopting the recommendations of your assessor regarding the substance of the story.”

Date of Posting: 01 October 2007
Posted By: Anon
Author, My Friend the Sea
“I found the report extremely useful. I am well on the way to completing a total redraft of my manuscript. The further into the work I get, the more impressed I am with the skill of the person who prepared the report. I feel that the assessment helped generate a substantial improvement in my manuscript.”

Date of Posting: 09 July 2007
Posted By: Anon
Author, Chosen
“The appraisal is outstanding, constructive and most beneficial. I am delighted I sent it to you. Also that the person who did this work was the one you chose.…In the meantime, please convey my thanks for his thorough, aware and insightful work. A load has been lifted from my shoulders.

I had reached the point that I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Now, I'm able to resume my work, hopefully, to bring 'Downloading Spirit' to publication.”

Note from Proof Perfect: Janet's work DOWNLOADING SPIRIT was successfully published in 2012 by XLibris Books, USA.

Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Janet Baljeu
Author, Downloading Spirit

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